Sound Humor

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An engineer, an LD, and a road manager are in the desert, waiting for the
overheated tour bus to cool down. They stumble across a magic lamp. The
engineer picks it up, rubs it, and a genie appears.

"Thank you for releasing me from the lamp. As a reward I will grant each

of you one wish. Choose wisely."

The engineer thinks for a minute and says, "I want a vacation. Send me to

Cancun. Surround me with beautiful women, the best food, and an endless
supply of margaritas."

The genie nods his head, and in a puff of smoke the engineer disappears.

He turns to the LD and asks, "And for you?"

"Yeah, that sounds pretty nice, but I'm more of a ski-buff." says the LD,

"I want to go to Switzerland. A nice mountain resort, chicks, food,
booze...the whole deal."

Again the genie nods his head and the LD vanishes. As he turns to the road

manager, the bus finally starts and the driver is signaling that he is
ready to leave. The genie turns to the road manager and asks what his wish

The road manager quickly replied, "I want both of those guys back on the

bus right now!

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